How do I enter steps?

From Day 2 of the 100 Day Journey you will be able to enter your steps. To enter steps, log in to your Global Challenge account and go to the Step Entry page. Here you can enter your steps for the day as recorded on your Pulse or approved fitness tracker. If you have been extra active, you can enter your distances for cycling or swimming. The Step Entry page is accessible on the website as well as the iPhone and Android apps.

Whether you're using your Pulse, or using an approved fitness tracker to count your steps, all you need to do is head to your Step Entry page. 

Pulse in standard mode: Enter your step count manually on your Step Entry page on the website or app

Pulse in sync mode: Sync your step count to your Step Entry page on the app

Fitness trackers: Sync your steps to your Step Entry page on the website

Don't forget to enter bike and swim distances in the relevant fields on your Step Entry page, then press 'Submit.'

Happy stepping!

What should I do if I submit an incorrect step entry?


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