How does it work?

To add your idea, simply click ‘Add a New Idea’. Rather than duplicating ideas, you might want to vote on an existing idea to move it up the ranks so search these before you start. Once you’ve added your idea (thank you!), it will be voted and commented on by other users. The Global Challenge Crew will review the most popular ideas that are submitted and assign them a status:

Under Review

Will be considered by the Global Challenge Team for further investigation

Not right now, sorry!

We’re not going to implement this one for an important reason (and we’ll leave a comment to let you know why)

Already Exists

Idea is already a feature on the site


It’s on our product road map


Your idea has made it and is available as part of the Global Challenge program!

Occasionally, we will chip in on a discussion or ask for additional input on an idea.

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